Caveat to Mother’s Pearls

Julie Dymon

Caveat to Mother’s Pearls

Coiled into a spiral, end dangling over
the edge of the dresser—the iridescent

My young hands reach
for its allure. Smooth round pearls, grasped
by knuckle dimpled fingers, click
across mahogany veneer. The strand feigns
limp innocence.

The cool choker slips around
her neck adapting to her warmth, leading
her towards her full length
image, framed.

Nascent self-esteem inter-
rupted. Each pearl emits
a different suggestion. Her wide green
eyes examine

her small framed reflection. Her face forms
a pout, mimicking her mother‘s mirrored
reactions. The strand recoils
neatly upon the dresser; content
to wait for the next moment
of inherited doubt.