Deployment Treasures of a Navy Wife

Julie Dymon

Deployment Treasures of a Navy Wife

Hand turned from Odessa, Ukraine, she came today.
Green eyes, blond hair, and golden scarf framed face,
she nests fifteen women all in one place.
Matroyshka, please keep him in port, to stay.

Hand-sewn from Turkey this camel skin jacket arrives,
double-breasted, waist tie, soft suede with the scents
of ship diesel fuel and dirty socks, represents
nine months at sea, but now he‘s home alive.

Hand painted from Rota, Spain, freed from its foam,
the smooth porcelain maiden with pastel blue dress,
holds my favorite calla lilies and though I‘m impressed,
I‘d trade Lladro‘s art for Brian to remain at home.

Hand carved from Vicenza, Italy, on a chain rests
a lady on carnelian shell. The cameo is dear
but I won‘t celebrate when he‘s not here.
This is a lonely anniversary, at best.

But the most priceless of all these treasures are
his handwritten letters in my top drawer.