* Journalism
Journalism Practicum, Mike McCarthy, Spring 2011

* Publishing/Editing
Literary Journal Fall 2010, Claudia Emerson, Fall 2010

* Communication
Small Group Communications, Anand Rao, Fall 2010

* Creative Writing
Creative Writing: Poetry Senior Seminar, Claudia Emerson, Spring 2011
Creative Writing: Poetry, Claudia Emerson, Spring 2010
Creative Writing: Nonfiction Senior Seminar Workshop, Colin Rafferty, Spring 2010
The Writing Process, Warren Rochelle, Fall 2009
Creative Writing: Nonfiction, Colin Rafferty, Spring 2009
Creative Writing: Introduction, Brady Earnhart and Warren Rochelle, Fall 2008

* Audited
Freedom Riders, Tim O’Donnell Spring 2011
Freedom Riders, American Experience on PBS
UMW Freedom Ride celebration

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