Administrative Assistant Internship, Metrorail Public Art Project


Administrative Assistant Internship, Metrorail Public Art Project and Poetry Society of Virginia
(November 2010 to present)

• Coordinated culminating panel meeting: Marketed poetry contests via Twitter, Facebook and mass emails to all Virginia colleges. Screened poems for panel of judges. Arranged overnight accommodations for out-of-town judges and food service for panel meeting. Organized ballots, poems, room, and food for the panel meeting. Executed general administrative mailings, email correspondence, telephone communication.

• Edited winning poems for Metrorail sculpture.

• Met all deadlines early and received praise and recognition from all panel members.

A brief overview from the original scope of work document:

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Art in Transit Program



October 29, 2010


The two-phase Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project is a 23-mile extension of the existing 106-mile Metrorail system serving Washington, DC and five adjacent jurisdictions in Maryland and Virginia. Phase-One, scheduled for completion in 2012, includes building five stations; four in Tysons Corner and one on the eastern edge of Reston. Phase-Two, scheduled for completion in 2015, runs through Reston, Herndon, to Washington Dulles International Airport and then into Loudoun County.

The new station designs are inspired by the original design principals developed by the architect of the Metrorail system, Harry Weese Associates. Whereas the original stations are constructed mainly of concrete, the new stations will be built with an abundance of glass and steel, creating lighter more transparent transit facilities.

The Metro Art in Transit Program has selected five visual artists, through an open and competitive process, to collaborate with the Dulles Project design-build team to integrate artwork into the overall designs of the five phase-one stations. Art in Transit will collaborate with The Poetry Society of Virginia (founded in 1923), a 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to the promotion of poetry in the Commonwealth of Virginia, to integrate literary works into the projects planned for three of the five stations, specifically; Tysons East, Tysons Central 7 and Tysons West.

Art in Transit will present for review, all literary works recommended for the projects by the Poetry Society, to the Dulles Artwork Recommendation Panel and the Metro Board of Directors. The names of the visual artist and the literary artists will be included on a plaque installed at each station.

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