Senior Honors Project

Nurturing the Constant 600 499

Visual Echoes:

Significant events and moments in life seem to be etched in the very air where they occur. These specific places and rooms in our everyday homes and yards hold memories, like cupped hands hold fog, nearly tangible.

In his book, The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard states, “the exterior spectacle helps intimate grandeur unfold.” In my poetry, I explore the use of intimate spaces to elevate everyday family dynamics, childhood memories, and the deeper meanings that run beneath the surface of interactions between family members. These intimate spaces provide limitless room for the imagination to roam much like the paradox of the forest closing in on a person, while they are lost in its vastness.

This collection of poetry is divided into four sections, each location representing a home, yard and the “rooms” within these dwellings.

UMW English 470
“Strongly Spent”
Seminar in Creative Writing: Poetry
Claudia Emerson, mentor

Visual Echoes Epigraph
Table of contents

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